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Green Plum Design House Painting

Hi All, Spring is sprung, the daffs are out and the days are getting longer… It feels so very good to be writing a new blog again- it has been a patchy affair in recent years and on this fine … Continue reading

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Green Plum Design Movie!

Hi Everyone, I hope that you all had a good summer and are getting back into the swing. Personally, I am clinging onto that summer feel with my fingernails and avoiding all shops with “Back to School Supplies” written in … Continue reading

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A Little Corner of France

Hello Everyone, So I am just about back into the swing of things and now slightly readjusting…ahem…my idyllic vision of Britain with jolly Bobbies on the Beat….to incorporate fully armed police units, frustrated and enraged youths, burning buildings and spluttering … Continue reading

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Front of House 2

Morning Everyone, Another beautiful day in the Bay Area and a good moment to sit in the back garden, read a book and enjoy the sunshine… So today, we are going to take a look at two more very beautiful … Continue reading

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