Green Plum Design Movie!

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you all had a good summer and are getting back into the swing.

Personally, I am clinging onto that summer feel with my fingernails and avoiding all shops with “Back to School Supplies” written in the window.

Instead, I have locked myself in my office and spent the last two days putting together something a little different for your viewing pleasure.

I have made a little film about Green Plum Design.  Yes, my very own company is now rubbing shoulders with the big boys on YouTube.

Heaving with plenty of Befores and even more Afters, it attempts to answer the question that I sometimes ask myself at gloomier moments “what exactly do I do all day?”

Wonder no longer.

Give yourself three minutes and fifty seconds and you will see with your very own eyes.  I have even gone so far as to feature myself casually chatting to the camera as if I do it everyday.

Best dress on, hair brushed, extra vaseline on the lens…

Take a look and please don’t be shy to make a comment – I would love to know what you think.

So, sit back, make yourself comfortable and click on this baby

See you soon,


About Ros

My name is Ros Wyatt and I live across the bay from San Francisco. I moved here from England fifteen years ago with my husband, two children and a dog. Since then I have had added one more child to the line up and work as a painting contractor, color consultant, blogger, and screen printer.
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