Apartment Therapy Features Green Plum Design!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all good.  After days of rain here, a little shaft of blue has finally cracked open that big old Californian sky and let in one glorious ray of sunshine right onto my kitchen table.

It hit my lovely limey green hydrangeas so beautifully and it’s cheering me to my toes. And the good cheer doesn’t end there – I am feeling super honored this morning as our little home has just been featured in Apartment Therapy’s Top House Tours…

Thank you Apartment Therapy for including our house.  And thank you especially to the wonderful Celeste Sunderland Gottfried who took all the pictures…here is a little excerpt…

Ros and James’ English Countryside California Cottage
Green Tour


Name: Ros Wyatt (of Green Plum Design) and James Vernon
Location: Kensington, California
Size: 2,100 sq/ft
Years lived in: 9, Owned
Who else lives here: Jack, Mischa and Alfie

In classic English style, interior decorator Ros Wyatt’s San Francisco Bay home features a multitude of pretty prints. A plaid throw drapes over a wing chair, gingham rambles across a coverlet, mod poppies blossom beside a bed, and cabbage roses bloom in the medicine cabinet. A delightful mix of antique and handmade, the bright, breezy home seamlessly blends English country style with a sunny California feel.


If you want to read the whole thing, just click on  ‘Green Tour” at the top of the article.

Now, where was I?   I think I was just showing you around the new upstairs of the house…bedrooms, stairs, Californian light and all.

Well just around the corner from our bedroom we have a wonderful bathroom with absolutely no windows whatsoever.    Zero…

OK… so when I say no windows, I really mean that in the vertical sense.

We did put in the biggest sky light we could squeeze and despite all of my worries that it wouldn’t shed enough light, it has worked out a treat.

Here it is quite far down the line… sheet rock up, paint slapped on and wainscoting in place….

And quite a few trips to The Sink Factory later…

…we installed this little baby which winged its way from Canada to give us baths the like of which we had never experienced before.

Yes, we actually bought something new…

And it didn’t stop there…we even bought a new pedestal sink…

Yes, two new things in one room…but wait…counting the super green, minimal-waste-of-water-per-flush-loo, that actually makes three.

But a leopard can’t change it’s spots and I returned to my scavenging ways when it came to the taps…I sniffed out these little beauties as they were just too irresistible…

And nestled beside my taps is of course, my royal engagement commemorative mug for Charles and Lady Di…I mean…where else do you put your tooth brushes?

I have actually turned it round the other way as I love that little gold crown with the feathers…
And still…a few good years since the bathroom was finished, we have nothing on the walls…just big smooth walls covered in Kelley Moore’s Antique White…

One day, I will find the perfect thing to put up there but really I don’t mind staring at all that blankness when I’m lying in the bath.  What with all the hurly burly of life,  it’s actually quite peaceful…

Must go… I have to check on a big pot of chili I’ve got going for tonight’s supper…hordes of teenage boys are soon to be descending upon my home and a good smattering of teenage girls too.

The rain has stared up again and it’s getting pretty nippy… I might just even light the fire…

Bye for now,

About Ros

My name is Ros Wyatt and I live across the bay from San Francisco. I moved here from England fifteen years ago with my husband, two children and a dog. Since then I have had added one more child to the line up and work as a painting contractor, color consultant, blogger, and screen printer.
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6 Responses to Apartment Therapy Features Green Plum Design!

  1. Lynda Mathey says:

    Loved the tour of your house! I want to live there. I think I was English in another life…..

  2. harriet garbers says:

    oooh that bath looks heavenly..

  3. admin says:

    deffo the best money I have ever spent!

  4. admin says:

    Anyone who makes beautiful lined linen curtains has to have a few English bones in their body!

  5. Christine Adams says:

    Oh, my God! Charles & Di Commemorative Wedding Mug! I grew up with one of those in our loo.
    Everything in your home is so sigh-inducingly lovely, it’s mind-boggling. How do you live with yourself?

  6. Natalie Wi says:

    Congratulations, Ros, on the feature!!

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