Not About The Royal Wedding…

Good morning to you All!

After a few weeks of grey, dank and gloomy skies ( including the week that all three of my children were on Easter Break…), the sun has finally come out and given everything a whole new look.

Organizing Paperwork 11 is on it’s way but today I will just be shamelessly reveling in the most beautiful light that California can deliver and flowers in all guises.

Flowers  =  Super cheap if you pick them up at Trader Joes

Californian Light = thankfully free as the air it sparkles through

The combination of the two are what pleases me the most and can be the making of just about any room.

After happily prinking around with little jars, flowers and my camera, I had to haul my sewing machine out and get down to a mountain of  window linens to make up for various clients.

More flowers…this time embroidered on linen.

I had washed all the linen in advance and just had to sew each one to size… then my favorite part…

Choosing the vintage embroidery as an applique…more flowers to look at and arrange…

Eventually I hit on two of these little treasures for the first pair…

I sewed each one carefully onto the linen.  Added the ties…

And then hung them outside on my little dryer stand to stop any number of accidents befalling them while letting them bathe in a little shadowy sunshine before I packaged them up to go…

The day whizzed and whirred along with more flowers and the hum of my sewing machine….until my washing line was covered with flapping linen dotted with flowers.

I thought that was it for me and flowers for the day but laying the table in the early evening for that all favorite burrito supper, the sun was going down for the day and hit the table so beautifully…

Can you imagine how pleased three hungry children were with their mother taking endless pictures of the table?

Needless to say I had to wrap it up pretty fast and we did all enjoy our burritos in the lovely shadowy light.

So this is just to say, one small flower, one small vase, jar, glass can just about change a room in a big way.

So you see, it really wasn’t about The Big Day tomorrow.  Not a peep about the dress, the fabulous in-laws, whether it will work out or not…The word Wills and Waity Katie have not been involved…speculation about the honeymoon has played no part…I am just not going there…

But while I am not going to set my alarm for 3am, I might just take a sneaky look at the footage tomorrow…just to see the flowers that is….

See you soon.


ps And as ever, welcome to all you people from the lovely Beach Cottage.

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5 Responses to Not About The Royal Wedding…

  1. You inspire me with your gorgeous arrangements and the fact that you would hold off dinner to take pictures of the table. And I agree, the California light has been particularly stunning this week. (Btw, I think we are overdue for a walk in the cow pastures!)

  2. admin says:

    Not the first time my children have been left hungry while I am behind a camera – I know it’s all wrong! About that walk…

  3. Renata says:

    Lovely Ros!! You’re a wizard with light, your photography is amazing.

    But now on the subject of TRW, didn’t you love the trees in the Abbey!


  4. admin says:

    Thanks Renata! And on that RW subject, I heard from my sister that they were amazing – apparently hornbeam and field maple and they are going to take them back and plant them at Highgrove – what a good idea. Next time I get married in Westminster Abbey, I’m going to do that too xxx

  5. Rob says:

    Hello there, just visiting from Sarah’s link party. Your flowers look beautiful…the reddish pink really pops in front of the white wall…and your linens are pretty spectacular too. I have a supper cloth, back home in Australia, that was embroidered by my Nanna…very similar colours. However, I think my favourite photo is the old taps…love em! Robx

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